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"I will always be grateful to Dr. Schildcrout for her thoughtful suggestions and her listening to me with a caring and compassionate heart as she guided me through a personal medical crisis."
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Physician Guidance, as explained by Dr. Abigail Schildcrout, founder of Practical Medical Insights.

It's like gaining a "doctor in the family."

You or a loved one has cancer. Or diabetes. Or your father has just suffered a heart attack. Or you are losing your fight with obesity, or with nicotine addiction. You can't decide if there is too much information "out there," or not enough, because you don't know if any of the information is any good. You simply don't know what to do. You have so many questions that you don't know what or how to ask.

You need guidance. The demands to see many patients every day may limit the time your doctors can spend with you sorting out your questions and all of the confusions of the medical maze. When you become a client of Practical Medical Insights, I am your coach, your teacher, your advocate, and your guide through the clinical parts of the medical world.

What I Do

Dr. Abigail SchildcroutPractical Medical Insights is designed to empower you, my client. I will look carefully at your medical situation to see where you are, establish with you where you need to be, and determine with you the best routes to get there. I will help you navigate the detours and roadblocks of the medical system, guiding you and giving you the tools you require to obtain the best care possible for you and your loved ones.

How I Do It.

I determine your starting knowledge base, and educate you about your (or your loved one's) health in order to bring you to where you need to be to make the best decisions and to advocate effectively.

I listen to you and help you define your goals regarding your health, life, and family.

I find the current standards of management, and experts and specialists who are at the forefront of care for your condition.

I know what I don't know, am not afraid to ask others for help and explanation, and am willing and eager to learn so that I can best help you.

I find relevant medical research, and am tenacious when reaching out to experts.

I use a common sense, practical, educated approach that is hightly personal, focused, relaxed and empathetic.

I craft a plan, specifically tailored to you, based on your medical goals.

I facilitate communication between you and your doctors, and help you find second (or subsequent) opinions.

I give you the tools to get the most out of your doctors' appointments and out of your relationships with your doctors.

I limit my number of clients so that I can give you the time and attention you need and deserve.

I understand the potential and the limitations of medicine.

I care about you.

To discuss how Practical Medical Insights can help you, or to set up an initial consultation, contact Dr. Schildcrout today.