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Practical Medical Insights, founded by Dr. Abigail Schildcrout, is a consulting service. Its purpose is to guide clients through the clinical side (not financial or insurance-related) of the medical system.

PMI provides guidance, support and education to clients, so that they are equipped to make well-informed medical decisions, and to serve as their own or their loved one’s medical advocate.

Client fees are charged hourly and are based on time spent with clients in person, on the phone or in other communication, and time spent on the client's behalf.

PMI does not accept insurance, and charges are not contingent upon any particular medical outcome.

Also see FAQ.

Dr. SchildcroutDr. Schildcrout will speak with you directly to determine how PMI can help you within your budget.

"My goal is to empower you, so that as you learn from me, you will need me less and less."

About Practical Medical Insights

Practical Medical Insights:

  • Does research in order to educate individual clients about their or their loved one's medical diagnosis.
  • Guides clients towards, and facilitates appointments for second opinions for complicated or emergent diagnoses.
  • Translates medical jargon into language clients can understand.
  • Explains what research is currently being done on the conditions of interest to the client and where it is being done.
  • Educates clients about nutrition and preventive care and works with clients to determine their medical goals.
  • Facilitates doctor-patient communication, and advises clients on methods of optimizing their doctor-patient relationships.
  • Suggests specific issues, testing or treatments for clients to discuss with their doctors.
  • Educates clients on prevailing medical practice specific to their or their loved one's situation, and about risks and benefits of various choices that they will make with their own doctors.
  • Gives general support and guidance on communication with physicians when a client or their loved one is hospitalized.
  • Points clients to specific online resources for information or guidance.
  • Advises clients on practical, individualized approaches to lifestyle modifications, such as smoking cessation, weight management, and exercise optimization.
  • Gives support and encouragement to clients facing their own or a loved one's medical difficulty.

PMI Augments Your System of Medical Care

Practical Medical Insights will augment a client's system of medical care, and will not serve as nor replace a client's own physicians. PMI may review clients' medical records or test results in order to better understand a client's medical situation, and in order to be better able to educate and advise the patient about their medical situation.

PMI will not order tests or prescribe medications. It will not make official diagnoses, but because of Dr. Schildcrout's education and professional background, it is possible that she, while in consultation with a client, will suspect a certain diagnosis and suggest that the client discuss that with their own physician.

Dr. Schildcrout may also recommend that a patient consider a certain test or treatment, and the client will need to discuss this with his or her own doctors (or, at the client's request, Dr. Schildcrout can discuss the issues directly with the client's doctors). Dr. Schildcrout also may recommend that a client seek a second medical opinion or see a certain type of specialist, and will help clients find these resources.

The aim of Practical Medical Insights is to facilitate communication and optimize the relationship of clients with their own physicians. PMI does not consult for medical malpractice cases.

When you are a client of PMI, Dr. Schildcrout is your co-pilot helping you navigate the pathways of the medical maze.

Contact PMI today to set up an initial medical guidance consultation.