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Dr. Schildcrout’s forthcoming book, “Your Hospital Guide,” is a guide to help people understand how hospitals work and how to maintain control when they or a loved one is hospitalized. This guide will help the reader stay organized and on task to help ensure optimal hospital care.

Check here for more information on the publication date and availability.

Articles & Practical Advice

Always Have Someone with You in the Hospital

by Dr. Abigail Schildcrout (adapted from her forthcoming book, Your Hospital Guide)

Your hospital companion is your backup safety mechanism, and a hospital is simply not an ideal place to be without backup. A person in the hospital is either quite ill, or is undergoing something that has potentially serious side effects or complications. A post-surgical patient may be groggy from anesthesia or from pain medications, and may very likely not be able to think appropriately. Similarly, a sick person may very well not be in the clearest state of mind. A hospitalized person will benefit from … [read the full text]

Why You Need a Personal Medical Advocate

excerpt by Dr. Abigail Schildcrout

In a perfect world, doctors would all have time to teach their patients and help them make informed decisions. In the real world, doctors do not have this time. Far too often patients are left with the choice of blindly following a recommendation or of finding their own information and making their own decision, whether it is well-informed or not. A physician serving as a personal medical guide and advocate can bridge the chasm of knowledge between a person and their doctor, so that the person can work as a partner with their own doctor, optimizing their medical care, and … [read the full text]