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Abigail Schildcrout, M.D.

Abigail Schildcrout, MD,
of Practical Medical Insights, keeps you in the driver’s seat and on the right roads for you, where your health is concerned.

Retaining the services of Practical Medical Insights is like gaining a "doctor in the family."

Practical Medical Insights is a consulting service offering you guidance, support and education so that you are equipped to make well-informed medical decisions, and to act as your own or a loved one’s medical advocate.

The typical primary care physician has thousands of patients in his or her practice, and typically sees 20 to 30 or more patients each day. Even those physicians who do not want to take on more patients will be forced to do so in order to keep their practices afloat. The time and energy most physicians are able to devote to any individual patient will continue to decrease.

Practical Medical Insights, founded by Dr. Abigail Schildcrout, gives you the time and attention that your doctors cannot, and provides you with the information and tools you need to get the most out of your appointments, conversations, and relationships with your doctors.

Physician guidance through the medical maze
Research and education
Personal medical advocacy

When you have to act quickly, it is especially important to act prudently. Like a compass, Dr. Schildcrout helps you figure out which way you are pointing, so that you can figure out which way you need to turn. She works to keep you from getting lost in the medical world, or if you are already lost, helps you find your way again.

To discuss how Practical Medical Insights can help you, or to set up an initial consultation, call Dr. Schildcrout at 248.439.9123 or e-mail today.

Practical Medical Insights augments your medical care. Dr. Schildcrout will help you optimize your communication and relationships with your doctors, and will not serve as nor replace your own physicians. The company's purpose is to guide you through the clinical (not financial) side of the medical system.